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  • I clear out gutters that are filled with moss, leaves, plants and grass up to 4 stories on houses. My carbon fibre poles can reach up to  40ft. For gutter cleaning over conservatory's is no problem as the poles are very light.

  • I use a camera to check that the gutters have been cleared out.  

  • For fascia and soffit cleaning I use a water fed pole from the ground which requires a outside tap.

  • Below are some pictures of my work.

Clearing out the gutters with my vacuum
Gutter Cleaning Conservatory rooff
Before cleaning conservatory roof.
It's amazing what you find in gutters
Water bottle found in gutter
Gutter full of leaves etc
Cleaning gutters of Church gutters
Gutters cleared of moss.
Gutter Cleaning
Gutters full of moss etc
3 Story gutters.
Me at work
Grass in gutter
Gutters cleared
Plant out of gutter
Gutter needs a good wash.
Gutter nice and clean.
Doesn't take much too block gutter
Full of moss etc
Wet moss and leaves
Roof cleaning
Half way through cleaning
Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaing
Before & After next to each other
Gutter Cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Nice and clean gutters
Gutter Cleaning
Gutters need a wash
Rigid to get grass out

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