• Mark Payne

Gutter full of moss.

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Had a phone call saying can you come out and clear our front #gutter out as it was full of moss. It was overflowing in heavy #rain. This job was in north #bristol. There was even a small plant starting to grow.

Using my vacuum machine from the ground and camera I #cleared this #gutter #out. It's amazing how after one year #gutters fill back up again with #moss and #leaves. With heavy #rain the #moss soon gets washed of the #roof into the #gutter. If this moss stays there longer enough can start to grow into grass and #plants and before long you have a gutter which is #full of grass which makes it more interesting getting this grass #out of the #gutter. When it's wet removing grass can be easier then when it's been dry. When it's been dry can be a lot harder to remove grass as it's stuck in the #gutter.

I cover most of #Bristol for #gutter #cleaning and out into the country side where there are more trees to fill #gutters up. With #Bristol traffic it is quicker to get on the motorway and drive to #Swindon for a few jobs for the day as it is just as quick as driving to the other side of #Bristol. It is around forty minutes or so to Swindon and it can take that long to get across #Bristol. Driving around Swindon is pretty good as all the roads are layout well and the traffic flows with lots of round abouts. In #Bristol the traffic just seems to grind to a halt in the morning and evening when everyone is in a rush to get home from work. When I get home then have to unload my equipment and put all the waste from the #gutters into black bags and then take it at some point to the sort it centre. That's what the customer does not see all the preparing in the morning and evening times which takes time.

The amount of times I have turned up at a customer house and they have not expected me because the other half hasn't told their partner that someone is coming today to do some #gutter #cleaning. It's like I wasn't expecting you today. Well your other half has either phone me or booked online to make a booking.

Where's your ladders then? I use a vacuum machine with a camera from the safety of the ground which saves going up ladders. It would be a lot harder using ladders having to go up and down all day and keep moving them across.

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